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Spotlight on Brittany

Spotlight on Brittany is a radio magazine programme brought to you by volunteers from the AIKB, which attracts listeners from both the French and English-speaking communities.

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Abadenn diwezhañ 09.07.2020

juillet 2020

This month we bring you some suggestions of events and places to visit, now that we are free to do so. For example, the Musée de la Résistance at Saint Connan; English-speaking guide Claudie Poles tells us about how the museum was created and what the visitor can expect to see there. Many of Brittany's festivals have been cancelled of course, but there are still a number of events open to the public. One such is "Le Circuit des Chapelles du Pays de Plestin", a series of exhibitions by local artists in the chapels in the countryside between Morlaix and Lannion in the Côtes d'Armor. We hear from the organiser, Jeanne Eliet, and one of the artists, Rozenn Joyeux. And on a different theme, Anne-Sophie Harris talks about moving to central Brittany and taking up the challenge of being a local councillor.

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