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Spotlight on Brittany

Spotlight on Brittany, une émission réalisée par des bénévoles de AIKB, et destinée à des auditeurs anglophones et francophones en Centre Bretagne, et partout dans le monde.

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Abadenn diwezhañ 01.09.2021


'This month we welcome Sam Kent-Brown who moved here recently and now has much going on at the Moulin in Merleac and sadly bid 'au revoir' to George Howard, a founder member of AIKB and talented website designer for the association and Spotlight on Brittany. Then Benjamin Henry almost reveals the secret behind his tasty Gwell, which he sells in Rostrenen market and, finally, we meet Momo Miyaguchi, a multi-talented performance artist - tight rope walking being just one act on her agenda!' Happy listening!'